Dr. Georgia Jackson Thompson


Dr. Georgia Jackson Thompson


Dr. Georgia A. Jackson-Thompson, Ph.D. is a recognized organizational management leader known for leading change and business operations development for non-profit organizations. She provides a range of unique strategic business planning initiatives, advising, and implementing cost reduction and avoidance of set-backs, contract funding coordination, and strong operational improvement for several organizations in her tenure. As an executive director and community services division director, she has planned, directed, and coordinated operational activities at a high level of management, developing substantial improvements and sustainability to maintain services during ongoing company structure and service changes.

She put forward her organizational management skills while serving on various Board of Directors to develop sustainability plans, community services outreach, advocacy, and bridging gaps between stakeholders and constituents. She is noted for her achievements and successfully developing and directing the implementation of financial operational processes, staffing, and customer service for agencies while holding P&L responsibility for a budget in excess of three million dollars.

Dr. Thompson has provided business consulting to numerous business owners in areas of social services, mental health, Tribal Administration, supervised visitation for agencies, professional providers, and other start-up businesses nationally and internationally. She provides training in areas of supervised visitation, child abuse reporting, parenting (infancy-teenage years), and new business start-up areas.

Her education includes a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, a Master’s in Business Administration, and a Ph.D. in Management and Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix. She is an active member of the American Red Cross, Supervised Visitation Network, and Nonfiction Authors Association. On a local level, she was a co-founder of California Supervised Visitation for Professional Service Providers (CASVSP) and advocates for educational scholarships. She enjoys time on the beach, theater and antique shopping.

Dr. Georgia A. Jackson-Thompson, Ph.D.

Independent Practice:

1996 – Present: Professional Supervised Visitation Expert and Reports for Court
Subject Matter Expert for Expert Witnessing
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Advocate

Areas of Expertise:
Dr. Georgia specializes in the assessment of child custody with the Department of Children and Family Services, based on the CA Penal Code 11164. Dr. Georgia often appears in court in the capacity of a supervised visitation expert witness for on-site cases and off-site cases and has extensive experience of working with translators.

Dr. Georgia has extensive experience in assessing a wide range of mental health problems and substance abuse by psychometric objective assessments and by clinical interview. She has extensive experience in supervised visitation case review and reports writing.

Dr. Georgia has over 13 years of experience of training professional supervised visitation providers in California, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, and Florida based on Section 5.20 Uniform Standards and the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN) – Standards for Supervised Visitation Practice.

Dr. Georgia has assisted over 20 agencies with on-site visitation and off-site Professional Supervised Visitation Providers (PSVP©) business design, site set-up, staff training, and ongoing consultations, with an emphasis on child safety, training/education, and equitable business operations.


Supervised Visitation Training:

Child Abuse Reporting Trainer
Grief & Loss
PTSD & Military
PSVP: Standards and How to Monitor a Visit
Substance Abuse and Families
Assessing Domestic Violence, Mental Health & Substance Abuse
Assessment of Anger Management Skills
Behavioral Management – What is a Supervised Visitation Provider
Nurturing Parenting, Los Ninos Bien Educatos, Parenting Project
Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)
Divorce and Separation

Employment History

1996 – 2019; Los Angeles Wings of Faith, Inc.; Chief Executive Officer

Manage and assign incoming consulting contracts, maintaining a budget of $1.5 million annual with a vast staff. Participate in clinical supervision as a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern providing services.
Director of the Supervised Visitation Program: SAFE for Kids under Superior Court of Los Angeles Family Law Division and On-Site supervised visitation services for low-income families
Conduct training and consultation to professionals and non-professional.
Provide supervise visits on-site and off-site services, and write comprehensive focus on child safety, training/education, and business operations for PSVP.
Supervise on-site and off-site providers, review reports, consultation sessions, oversee scheduling, and staff debriefing on supervised visitation cases.
Respond to all subpoenas, testify in court in-person or on standby (available to be in court within one hour of request).
Participate in community outreach, community give-a-ways and community-based needs assessments.
Supervise fiscal staff, create budgets, collaborate with Board of Directors on economic development.
Developed policies and procedures, provide an annual evaluation of program contracts.
Conducted in-home adult assessments related to child safety, substance abuse, criminal history, family history, education, domestic violence, and mental health-related to children’s social worker’s referral in relation to at-risk of detention of minor children.


1996 – 2019; Bienvenidos Children’s Center; Director of Community Services

Providing assessment, formulation, and a variety of evidence-based psychological therapies for people presenting with a wide range of mental health needs, relationship difficulties, and stress management. Long and short-term models of therapy offered including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Conducted in-home adult assessments related to child safety, substance abuse, criminal history, family history, education, domestic violence and mental health in reference to children’s social worker’s referral in relationship to at-risk of detention of minor children.

Facilitated quarterly training and consultation to the multidisciplinary team.

Advocated for child welfare and safe access for children with non-custodial parties.

Manage Supervised Visitation Program – on-site visits only, supervised reports to the courts, trained staff (initial training and quarterly training hours).


2010 – 2017 University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ PhD – Management in Organizational Leadership
1999 – 2001 Antioch University, Los Angeles, CA MA – Clinical Psychology
1994 – 1997 University of Phoenix, Phoenix AZ MA – Business Administration
1990 – 1992 University of Phoenix, Fountain Valley, CA BA – Management

Publications & Research

Jackson-Thompson, G. (2017). Exploring Involuntary Relational Exchanges of Professional Supervised Visitation Providers in Southern California
Jackson-Thompson, G. (2013). Who’s Listening Anyway-article for Supervised Visitation Network
Thompson, G. (2002). Supervised Visitation Network, Standards of Supervised Visitation for Providers
Thompson, G. (2008). Supervised Visitation Network, Training Manual
Thompson, G. (2006), (2007), (2008). Supervised Visitation Network, Newsletter “Georgia On My Mind”

Dr. Georgia has a track record of research and associated publications/conference work. Her primary area of research and publication is severe and enduring supervised visitation problems and concerns. Dr. Georgia is able to supply the full details of publications if required.


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